Secret Forest is a water-soluble flavoring that can be used very easily by simply adding it to water in a shisha bottle to (1) create a deep forest feeling not found in existing forest flavors, and (2) use it as a spice to express breadth and depth of flavor and aroma in combination with fruit and sweets flavors, etc. It is alcohol-free and manufactured using only domestically produced, naturally derived raw materials, making it safe and secure.

High versatility

It can also be used for shisha, wax, bath salts, diffusers, etc.

Additional Flavors

Can be used as an additional flavor other than top replacement.

Home shisha

As a home shisha, you can easily create mixed flavors by adding Secret Forest to your favorite flavors.


Because it is purely flavored and contains no nicotine, it can be combined with non-nicotine flavors to provide a forest shisha that is also non-nicotine.


By adding a small amount of Secret Forest (about 1.5~3ml per liter of water) to the water in your shisha bottle
You can easily enjoy the feeling of forest bathing.